Skills to learn:
Build application running SQL / web service in c# / rest API in c# console/wpf application
Ansible to manage access points running on raspberry pi. Web front end


Meditation The Only Way – by Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda

Quote from page 48:

Meditation is a never-ending movement … It comes only when your heart is really open.  Not opened by the key of thought, not made safe by the intellect, but when it is as open as the skies without a cloud; then it comes without your knowing, without your invitation.  But you can never guard it, keep it, worship it. If you try, it will never come again: do what you will, it will avoid you.  In meditation, you are not important, you have no place in it, the beauty of it is not you, but in itself, and to this, you can add nothing. Don’t look out of the window hoping to catch it unawares, or sit in a darkened room waiting for it, it comes only when you are not there at all.



Dhamma Greetings

The Path to Nibbana has had several adjustments in its versions so far.

Perhaps this is one spot that can be looked at…. David can you check out where this is?

A student can have a friend smile back any time from the 1st jhana onward …..

If we are sincere in sending to the spiritual friend, then the friend will smile back OR the student will feel strongly that the friend is receiving the wish… and smiling… one of these two.


We look for several signs that indicate that its time to work on 11 further people…..



the signs we look for are

You begin to feel joy coming up and don’t know why??? you just feel happy. This is uplifted joy.

The feeling that was in the heart, seems to want to move upwards into your head…. ( and it is very important that you let this movement happen as it wants to and do NOT keep the feeling in your heart when i t wants to move up.

The friend smiles back or you feel they got the wish too….. you sense it….

Then you begin to lose feeling in the hands, feet, as you feel less tension and this works up through the body until you can’t feel your body nearly at all.

Another sign is that you feel like your head is full or expanding outwards and this one is s sign that you are near or in the base of infinite space and yes this is part of the fourth jhana…


When the friend smiles or not when the feeling moves upwards it is time to work on other friends….


So now you take three more of the same original kind of spiritual friends and send to them one by one… until each of them smiles one at a time.

Then after you get through those,

you then take four family members and now it doesn’t need to be same sex…. and you work them through one by one until they smile…


you take four neutral persons and work them through one by one, a neutral person is a cashier you know or bank teller or post office someone not so personal…

Then you move into a bit of work because you then send the wish to each of your enemies as many as you have AGAIN one at a time….


Now this is not complex. It should only take ONE HOUR SESSION OR 1 1/2 at the most to do all of these…. and then, you begin to work with another level concerning the directions…


Now you begin to see how this training is teaching the Brain to respond and not react… YOu are purifying the brain and retraining it each time you work through a person. Once it has done it once, very likely it will do it more easily over and over again using teh different people…

And this is how you progress…. along….

VERY important part is to remember NOT TO STOP THE FEELING from moving upwards into the head and do not be overly concerned how strong the feeling is and just keep going to see how this goes.


This is your progress line……


This should help. After youc omplete this line, write to David and ask him to check the page you read the other way….. for sure.

Also ask him to help you set up your next level when you complete doing the other kinds of people…