Meditation Circle
Lexington  KY
For information please contact:
SRF Mother Center at: 323-225-2471 USA – hilarious video -good spiritual articles – search for “what it means to love science” cool site – good site in gernal maybe

Weekly Lessons – print this out – self discipline. Gopal Krisha

get out the eric dollard papers

high frequency amplifiers – tube and mosfet:, other tubes, or mrf-150 4 matched FETs, at low voltage (bad for this application?)  Tubes have higher voltage ratings at higher frequencies? – troubleshooting circuits strategies. – need to read this – max038 schematic – and more good circuits – awesome recipes – fernwood 2 night. hilarious

normandi ellis on wrfl: – feynman long interview – possibly the best page ever for physics learning – maxwell’s equations explained – cool site about zpe

Tesla articles – print these – pspice resource – great list of electronics suppliers – cheap banana plug wires, and probably more – 600v shottky diodes /

need an electromagetic book – kstate or pspl – some math stuff – referenced from’ – lots on info on building cabins – of the spiritual. – classic on scalars – gotta do this instead of adding songs individually to playlists.  just use folders to organize the music, then use these commands. – bhante vimalaramsi discusses a wide variety of topics. -sitting posture – lean back – free lectures from mit, etc – from gopal4mission – watch – arduino on o’reilly – cheat sheet for arduino -arduino simulator. – story of an earnest life.  one woman’s life in the 1800s.  born in scotland, settled in kentucky. – ted talk on the 3 a’s of awesome – nationwide collection of newspapers.

need to post stuff from sukha – inner child – dr ozs green drink – great indie movie company – shreveport la sangha – thich nat hahn – super.

metta guided real audio:

To Read from Todd:

Paradox of the free Will –

Emotional Intelligence – Daniel coleman

children of the self-absorbed – 2nd edition

living through personal crisis – strearns

The Resilience Factor

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers – (shadow side)

The Spirituality of Imperfection

The I Ching

Train you mind, change your brain

path with heart Foreword and Warning – good book i read at wat kentucky – reminds me of Dhamma Sukha “smiling meditation”, but it’s from a thai teacher – so good to see they agree. – radio show that many topics – been around a long time

dhammasukha – anapolis MO 573-546-1214.  Order through this link all amazon purchases:

Meditation Made Easy – Lorin Roche – great book, especially for those of us who went to Goenka retreats or other grueling techniques that were too intense. – jhana literature – not sure of reliabity but probably worth reading. – Jhananda, western contemplative, mainly about Jhanas. – teaches from suttas, not comentaries.  Original stuff.

ttp:// – good reading – southwest museum of Engineering , communication and computation. – access to journals, etc – some poptronics articles organized – good reading about a variety of subjects – tons of articles about the mind and life.

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