Stretching Legs
kneel – one leg forward like a kneeling lunge – tilt pelvis under to feel hip stretch. left back foot perpendicular to ground and reach up and over with same leg as is back for better stretch
bring one leg straight out front to stetch hamstring
bring one leg out to side to stretch groin. Foot up perpendicular
do pigeon for glutes.


Legs Day 1:

Squat with kettle bell hanging. touch to ground. 15 reps
Jump squats: 15
plank on exercise ball
rest 30 seconds.

One leg on bench, one leg squat in front (warrior 1?) – hold kettle ball – do lunge x 12
Stay there and set down kettleball > lunge with jump at top.
rest 30sec

15 laying hamstring curls
Last set go to fail even if just small movements.

Biceps/Back Day 1:

Bar curls  15 reps

Bar curls 7 half up, 7 other half up.
intersperse with above curl

row machine. keep shoulders back.  12 reps

4x bent over row overhand with bar
4x bent over row underhand with bar

4x standing bicep curls on vortex string machine.

Triceps and benching:
1 (each side) – push up – one arm elevated on box – row with weight in other hand at top of pushup
3 sets of heavy benching
1 set of bench just bar till fail
3 sets of tricep pull down close overhand – tip: arms come parallel to ground then back down
3 sets of tricep pull down wide underhand – tip: bend forward slightly so as to be able to fully extend arms down.

Back Workout:

60 seconds each, 15 seconds rest, x3 or x4 sets
1. 125 lbs deadlift up down up down repeat – keep back and core super tight and straight.
2. 45 lbs (just bar) – dead lift and press over head – do this one faster
3. 45 lbs (just bar) – Biceps curl – shoulders down and back – pinch shoulder blades.

Another great workout:
Deadlifts and lat pull downs
Deadlifts – lift up quickly/strongly and lower slow and controlled.  Positive and Negative resisistance that way.
Started at 190 and worked up to 235 in increments of 10. maxing out, so only 1 rep over 200 with 90 seconds rest. good intensity. lots of rest means better workout that isn’t over in 10 minutes.
Chest up ass down.
Lat Pull downs – should keep elbows forward and feel it in the upper to lower back. did 10 sets of 10, working up in weight then back down.
20 minutes cardio.


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