issues thus far:

leaking on the floor – drain in back was plugged. I clipped the rubber piece to open it up a bit.

fridge wont get cold but freezer does. we replaced the defrost controller board b/c that’s what the local maytag dealer said was wrong. It wasn’t running the defrost cycle.
board p/n: WPW10503278
Much cheaper at $87. We paid $148.

Purchased on Ebay 8/4/2018 for $56 to replace it again

Next time before replacing try resetting the programming using the final instructions.

hold  light switch, press down 3 times.
let go of light switch.
Press down arrow once more.
it will show E P
Press right most arrow up to 9
press light switch.
it will show 4 4 or 7 7. It’s done.